Manuel Dobarganes perez

Noel dobarganes


Born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1977, Noel Dobarganes began his artistic career in a self-taught way by the age of 17. Later on he graduated from the Professional School of Plastic Arts “Roberto Diago”. By 22, his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.
The protagonist in Noel’s paintings is light which dominates and decides everything–the beginning and the end. He uses the effects of glazes and transparencies resulting in a delicious light and chromatic vibration. The subject becomes a pretext for plastic experimentation in a play of light and shadow.
Noel is a versatile artist, who has moved between abstraction and figuration very fluently. Likewise, he has expressed himself in rural landscapes, animal representations, human faces, female nudes, among others. Some distinctive elements of his style are the dynamism and visible movements of the compositions, the marked chromatic contrasts, and a great complexity in the relation figure/background. Noel likes the complexity of color, areas and lines, decoration, ornament and texture, which have vital importance in his works: seductive textures, full of sensuality and life. Virtual or real textures, in all cases inciting us to touch the surface.

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