Luis Kaiulani

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Rometheme Studio

Luis Kaiulani


Hawaii, USA

Born Honolulu in 1963, and spending his childhood in Hawaii, Kaiulani describes his influence as a mixture of culture, nature, geography and philosophy. His upbringing involved absorbing the wonders of the Hawaiian forests, playing in secluded beaches, meditating on mountaintops, and diving in the Pacific Ocean. While he credits his affinity toward nature to this, there is another side of Kaiulani that is fiery, passionate and aching for excitement. He attributes this ‘fiery’ side to his Latin American heritage. For the last 20 years, Kaiulani’s attention to fluidity, mindfulness and color dimension bring his artworks into a realm all of their own. He creates abstract works that draw from his Hawaiian and Venezuelan backgrounds and are expressed via his sculptures, paintings and art objects.

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