LouAnn Wukitsch



United States

LouAnn Wukitsch is a glass artist specializing in creating contemporary wall and aerial installations. “When I started working with glass, I was fortunate to learn from great artists who encouraged me to try anything I could imagine. As a result, I’m drawn to experimentation and enjoy creating pieces that step outside the boundaries of traditional glass.”

Wukitsch’s work is largely influenced her past careers in advertising, marketing and Six Sigma process design. Her artistry and detail are a reflection of her left–brain and right-brain synthesis. Wukitsch is also heavily influenced by architecture and nature, with common themes around organic leaf shapes and structural beauty.

Wukitsch has won awards from Imagine Musuem (St. Petersburg, Florida) and ACA (Cincinnati, Ohio). Over the past nine years, she has been fortunate to learn the art and business of kilnformed glass first-hand from national and international artists including Robin Kittleson (US), Heike Brachlow (UK), Emma Varga (Australia), Erna Piechna-Sowersby (Switzerland), Narcissus Quaqliata (Mexico), Nathan Sandberg (US) and Kari Minnick (US).

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