United States

Hailing from first-generation Lebanese descent, Kaiser Suidan emerged from a bustling household of six brothers and one sister in the charming town of Milford, Michigan. His love for cultivating the land and embracing organic shapes ignited a fascination with clay.

The odyssey began in his early years, stretching from junior high to high school, where he clinched numerous awards for his ceramic masterpieces. A full scholarship beckoned from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, and with honors, Kaiser graduated in 1993.

Over two decades ago, Kaiser’s artistic endeavors took root in a modest basement studio. Since those humble beginnings, he has not only flourished as an artist but has also evolved into a shrewd businessman and entrepreneur. His impressive repertoire now includes roles such as gallery owner, curator, instructor, and mentor. At present, he is the proud proprietor of a commercial building housing Next Step Studio and Gallery – a fusion of his workspace and an adjoining art gallery.

While his ardor for clay endures, Kaiser’s creative spectrum has expanded to encompass various mediums. This expansion is a testament to his role in representing artists from across the nation, guiding them on their artistic odysseys as they seek their “next step” in the realm of arts.

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