Carla D'Amato




A defining encounter in early childhood, with famous Argentinian Master Benito Quinquela Martin, had a lasting impact on Carla’s path to becoming an artist, urging her to explore the many possibilities of graphites and charcoal. 

Born in Buenos Aires and having lived throughout South America she witnessed times of conflict, poverty and abuse of power, to the abundance and serenity of nature. This sharpened her perception of life and the human condition. A move to Italy  and travel around the world allowed her to explore different techniques and to continue painting. 

Upon her return to South America, (Brazil in 2004) with its colorful street art and evocative murals, as well as the Uruguayan landscapes with its gentle shapes ignited the idea to dedicate herself exclusively to art. Participation in local collective shows and contact with renowned artist Pedro Peralta encouraged her to open her own studio immediately after her first show in Galeria Grillo 2010.

Today Carla spends her time between Uruguay and Italy where she creates and resides. Carla’s work is part of several private collections within UK, UAE and USA.

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