Marco Grassi




Marco Grassi Grama was born in Milan in 1966. His youth was surrounded by the old master’s paintings and Chinese pottery collected by his grandfather, an art collector in Northern Italy. During his university studies he pursued his passion toward art. Early in his art career, Marco learned  painting techniques from many old masters, which were reinterpreted into his unique personal style over the time. He mastered a technique called ‘sfumato’ from the Renaissance period, played an important role in the creation of his paintings. His artwork changed over time, with his most recent work abandoning one of his trademark styles: the decisive brushstrokes. He is still in progress for more innovative and limitless creative dimension. He currently lives and works as a painter in Lugano, Switzerland.

Marco Grassi is particularly interested in the changes within a person’s body and personality. This is why he often portrays people in a moment of metamorphosis. The bodies of the characters become allegories, figurative expressions of various concepts and above all, the relationship and fragile balance between humans and nature. Those continuous transfigurations, human figures evolving into unanimated matter, the contamination of nature, as well as the resilience of human beings, are the main focus of his artistic research. Marco notes: “A woman’s beauty may be revealed through the painter’s ability to capture a moment in time that epitomizes her essence. If I succeed in finding a balance and harmony on the canvas, I think that makes the figure enchanting.” 

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