Juan Pablo Guiterrez B.

Juan Pablo Gutierrez B.



A Colombian photographer with 17 years of experience, Juan Pablo Gutierrez studied advertising but never practiced. The decision to develop, for his degree thesis, a photography book about downtown Bogota with its characters and most unsettling spaces, made him change course and realize that through photography, he could better understand his own environment and communicate without artifice.

He has worked as a still photographer in series and films for outlets such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pantaya and Disney. He has been a constant collaborator for the most relevant print media in his country where he has worked as a graphic reporter in the territories and as a portrait artist of the characters that take part in national life.

Juan Pablo’s interest in developing a more personal work has led him to sharpen his gaze. He considers that observation is an essential exercise that mus be thorough, calm, and above all, respectful. It must inquire in order to reveal what’s hidden, whether it’s an atmosphere, an object, a landscape, or a play with light.

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