Christian Albarracín

Christian Albarracín



Christian Albarracín is a Colombian artist born in Bogotá on November 24, 1984. Through his Works tells us how each three-dimensional composition is created through the use of paper; for 8 years has carried out his own and self-taught research on the composition of paper such as grammage, texture and durability, this in order to create works from 30 cm to 2 meters high, which are exposed to water and to the natural environment in order to maintain the resistance and durability of the works carried out over time.

Regarding the reason for the use of paper in his works, the artist mentions the following: the material is so thin, brittle and malleable, its fine composition makes it a challenging and highly malleable material. I don’t know speaks here in my works of paper as a support, or paper as a receiver of artistic material, but of it as own composer of a work of art. Many have experimented with it, and since it is not associated with a classic technique very long-standing, the truth is that the practical demand that it implies makes it a noble and complex material in sculpture format; currently I have developed my own research in my three dimensional compositions thus achieving something unique and differentiating from other artists who work with this material.

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