Internationally recognized Canal Cheong-Jägerroos, originally from Macau, China and now living in Helsinki, is an artist known to use wide arrange of painting materials and techniques in her works which is described once by an Italian newspaper Il Piccolo as “poetic and decorative like Klimt”.
The co-existence of Asian roots and Western modernity portrayed in her paintings has been the reality of her personal life for the past 15 years. Meeting her husband, Johan Jägerroos, who was an exchange student in Guangzhou 26 years ago, became a turning point in her life. Her husband’s work gave the whole family an opportunity to live in seven countries from three different continents and Canal draws the influences for her work from the cultures and countries she has lived in. Canal, a nickname she gave to herself symbolizing creativity, is a productive artist with more than 400 paintings in private collections worldwide.

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