Andres Pruna




Andres Pruna is a painter, photographer and documentary filmmaker born in Cuba in 1940 where he attended San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. In 1959, he left Cuba and continued his studies at The National Academy of Fine Arts in New York where he held several exhibitions. Later, as a freelance photographer specializing in wildlife and underwater photography, he worked with numerous magazines including National Geographic and Audubon. 

Pruna filmed and traveled the world, including both the Arctic and Antarctic, working with National Geographic, BBC, The National Film Board of Canada, Argentina TV and the New York Zoological Society. He also produced several wildlife documentary films, including the award-winning full feature documentary “Killers of the Wild”, about the then little-known marine life of Patagonia in Argentina. Andy Pruna, the name he uses to sign his artwork, has exhibited regularly in major exhibits in Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California, as well as a few singular exhibits for the last 8 years, since devoting himself primarily to painting and still photography. Presently, he lives with his wife Maria Isabel in Miami, Florida.

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