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Noel Dobarganes


Born in the city of Matanzas, Cuba, in 1977, Noel Dobarganes began his artistic career in a self-taught way with 17 years old. Later, he was graduated from the Professional School of Plastic Arts “Roberto Diago”. Since his 22 years old his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in countries such as Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain, Canada and France.

For the author his works are a reflection of his creative perperctiva. He uses spontaneously and experimentally all the possible plastic resources to express in a very personal way the reality of his interior, falling into a state of trance in the creative process that exposes the beauty of the stains, colors and effects as well as the mystic sense of brushstrokes, gestures and textures. He achieves in his canvases that the dream and lyrism take supremacy over abstraction.

Throughout Noel’s artistic career, he has received a number of prizes including those in 1996, the prize and mention in the Amateurs Salon of the House of Culture in Matanzas and in 2008, the first prize of the abstract Galleria Pedro Esquerres. His works are part of prestigious collections in the United States, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Ecuador, Germany and Cuba, specifically the collection in Cuba of Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Angel Turcarelli in Luxembourg, Casino Da Povoa in Portugal and Gora Gallery in Canada. He currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.