Fine Art

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Noel Aquino

Artist Statement:

My need to create is always present in my life, and I am in constant conversation with, and pursuit of, fulfilling that need. Since my process doesn’t usually begin with a sketch, or an image of something tangible in my head, I use my paint, brush and materials, to tap into subconscious internal emotions and record those inner perspectives. Essentially, I am translating the language or of my mind onto the canvas. This is not however, to say that I don’t use my artistic skills, but that I integrate those talents into my method in combination with what flows from within. I then analyze and play with the canvas until I feel that a work is complete. The exploration and creation of my works occur as much when I have stepped away from a piece as it does when I am physically in front of it. I change and paint in my head until I return to the work to make adjustment; this is the process that gives life to my art.

Once I have completed a painting and show the piece, the images on the canvas often evoke feelings or perceptions of something familiar to the viewer. And although, it is not necessarily my intent to induce these perceptions, I do realize that they are in part what draws people to my work, and connects them to the pieces. This post process link brings me greater inspiration for my expression, and ultimately adds to my intrinsic motivation to paint.

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