Ivette Bassan

Ivette Bassan grew up in a loving family to art, influenced by my mother dedicated to painting landscapes and still lifes and by my father, lover to the music. I’ve been painting since I’ve used reason and always gave me a great sense of satisfaction. My biggest artistic concern is about color. It is sometimes difficult to express my concepts and emotions. Each work begins with an inspiration …. things that are seen, admired, felt, or any kind of thoughts. From there, I develop the forms, whether colors, shapes and contrasts. I never finish a work until I feel completely satisfied with what I did. The most important thing is that when they see my works they feel something, either positive or negative, but that they pass through the experiences from my elaborations. Among the artists that I have inspired over time are Yayoi Kusama and Clifford Possum especially for Pointillism, Gerard Richter, for its geometric, and among others. My style of painting has evolved over time due to my intense work, my discipline, my perseverance and my struggle to improve. The experience is the best school and that makes me perfect more with what I do. My primary and secondary studies, I did in Panama, my country of origin, at the Alberto Einstein Institute, where I participate in various artistic activities, including my passion for piano. I was dedicated to music and art in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the Chatea Mont-Choisi school, where I learned and specialized a lot in those two fields. In 1984, I came to live in Bogotá, and being here, I dedicated myself more to painting … Study and work in several art workshops, including Athena, Art Studio. I took classes with Professor Pilar Otalora, an artist from the Tadeo Lozano University, and I was also in workshops like that of Professor Elsa Junguito de Brigard and my dear Professor Pepe García, of Spanish origin. Study for two semesters at the University of the Andes History of Art, and take courses in psychoanalysis, which helped me greatly to perceive and understand each work of art.

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