“What is essential in art is the control spirit has over matter”

/ Jacques Maritain



Emilio Hector Rodriguez


Emilio Héctor Rodríguez was born in the colonial village of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba, in 1950. His family moved to Havana before he reached the age of three. He started drawing and experimenting with oil paint and tempera at the age of 12. While a student at the Instituto Pre-Universitario de Marianao (Marianao Senior High School), he participated in several workshops sponsored by San Alejandro Arts Academy. Between 1969 and 1970 he worked under the guidance of Cuban painter Jesús Antonio Valdovino Diaz at a center for the visual arts run by Consejo Nacional de Cultura (National Council of Culture) located in El Vedado, La Habana. In 1971 he enrolled in the University of Havana to study Pure Mathematics, but after two years he changed the field to Computer Science obtaining his degree in 1976. In 1978 he began signing his artwork as“ Emilio Héctor”.  He left Cuba permanently in 1981 and spent one year living in Paris where he had the opportunity to be in contact with art at large. He moved to Miami, Florida, in 1982. Upon arrival in Miami, he completed a series of drawings and started working as a computer analyst/programmer. He began painting with acrylic guided by the experienced Cuban painter Dominica Alcántara in2005 at the“ Latin Quarter Cultural Center” in Miami. Abstract painting became his last interest and passion. He has been painting abstracts since 2007. Emilio Héctor is very dedicated to his art and has been participating in the workshops of renowned Cuban-American painters and professors Baruj Salinas and Yovani Bauta at Miami Dade College. His work can be found in private and public collections in Florida as well as in other states and countries of South America Europe and Asia. In 2010 Emilio Héctor presented a group of abstract artists to commemorate a Century since the first abstract artwork by Wassily Kandinsky. This presentation later continued to become the

This presentation later continued to become the“7 Plus One Art Project” which has been presenting abstract art exhibitions in diverse institutions such as Miami Dade College, the Koubek Center, the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, Saint Thomas University and the Museum of Coral Gables. Actually, Emilio Hector conducts this project as its founder and artistic director.



Being a painter whose professional expertise is in the fields of Mathematics and Cybernetics is not a common profile. But it is my case indeed. This gives me unusual perspective when I am proposing and defining my work. My interpretation of the environment is deeply affected by the criteria shaped by informal education. Abstract art allows me to take a deep look and experiment inside any existing reality. It is not only a tool I use to look under the skin of a creature or under the surface of an object, but it is also a path to look above them all. Abstract art, for me, is not just a simple instrument to describe what is hidden by the boundaries of life and by the matter surrounding me, but it allows me to recreate those boundaries, through imagination, beyond the limits of my sight and thoughts. My paintings represent the vertex where Mathematics, spirituality, and arts converge forever to satisfy my inner longing to integrate my ideas with colors and shapes. My art is only an example of the myriad of gifts which I receive from God every day. This experience is a blessing, a fundamental and legitimate part of my relationship with God

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