” The trick is to be comfortable in your own skin . The sooner you embrace this fact you’ll access your essential core “.

Carla d’Amato.

SERIES “Of Light and Shadow” -

Carla d’ Amato


Carla d’Amato was born in Argentina,  where she lived until the late 70’s, moving in many occasions ever since, contributing this to her global and multidisciplinary approach in life.

Introduced to art and encouraged by her encounters with famous Argentinian Artist Benito Quinquela Martin,  while visiting his studio during childhood.  Always curious about his paintings, he noted her interest and shared guidelines and tips on how to use charcoal and graphites,  in order to keep her busy during these visits.

Fact that had a profound impact on her, very early in life,encouraging her to explore the many possibilities of expression within multiple shades of grey, using fingers, other elements to rub and add water, learning that she could express herself through drawing and painting.

Having lived in several countries in South America, which were going through conflicted times during the 80’, she became aware of the vulnerability and reality of how the human condition is unveiled through its many situations. Sharpening her perception by seeking to see the inner self reality beyond the external persona and cultural context.

Due to family pressures, she obtained a degree in Architecture , assuring herself a way to keep her real passion, given the fact that in those days architecture was predominantly hand drawn.

She lived and worked in the USA, Italy, Brazil and Uruguay. While along with her professional career she kept learning and exploring different techniques and languages, from abstraction, cubism and figurative, in tempera/guache, graphites, oil, acrylic, impasto, ink and etching.

You can see some influence of Picasso, works seen at Museo de Barcelona in the 80’s and 90’s, and Michelangelo’s paintings at the Sixtine Chapel, combined with artists like Matisse and Schiele.

She moved to Uruguay 2006, where she assisted painting and expression in art classes with the renown painter Pedro Peralta.

Opening her own studio in 2010, right after her first collective show at the Galeria Grillo, and participating in many local shows ever since. Carla sells her artwork to international private collectors in the USA, UK, and UAE.

In early 2017, she embarked on an inner journey to go back to where everything began, exploring a new way to represent that intense charcoal black of childhood memories and the emotion of the contemporary human condition.

Giving birth to this new body of ongoing work named: “Of LIGHT and SHADOW” in her own terms and language.  A subtle yet raw way for the audience to engage in a private dialogue with their inner self, large scale figures show power, gesture and interaction, dissolving the boundaries between the artwork and the viewer.

Today, Carla works and resides, splitting her time, between Uruguay and Italy.

*The following paintings are only partially displayed and copyright protected.

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