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Artist Mariusz Navratil

When I am engaged in my art of drawing using acrylic paint and ink, I become enmeshed in another space and time. My goal is to understand, to the best of my ability, the architecture of emotions so I can create visual interpretations of them…how thought and feeling occupy space and create frequency and vibration. I find myself expressing my very strong need to know more…about the universe, how it functions, the human psyche…I always want to know more.
I am inspired by science and the advanced notion of time and concepts as illustrated in quantum physics and the theory of thought, both the very foundation and nature of human existence. I create intuitively, always analyzing the spaces in which emotions inhabit and the many levels on which they exist.
The notion of a vibrating universe has deeply affected my curiosity and my approach to understanding reality. The similarities between the very big and the very small scales of elements along with their dimensions help me to comprehend universal coexistence. I then focus my energy on trying to illustrate that harmony. As I look at things from many different perspectives, I feel that I am able to merge my artistic bent with some bare essence of universal truth. As I create, I pull together different visuals that are associated with an idea or feeling or an emotion, and then a work starts to take shape. Soon I find surfaces and spaces that intersect and overlap, inspiring me to weave energies into a dimensional web that I create, with the aim of achieving a vibrating structure that is full of motion.
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