Angela China


China uses painting as a form of self-inquiry and self-expression.  All of her paintings are, in essence, self-portraits.  On the surface, her work is often viewed as “fun” and “sexy.”  However, on closer examination, her use of iconic images and designer brands construct and then deconstruct an “ideal”- an ideal that she views as an unattainable standard of what society dictates she should be.  It is evident that the inspiration of her work derives from her own inner conflict.  Despite the dark undertone, her work invariably portrays the elements of hope, humor and humanity.


Originally from Baltimore, MD, Angela China began painting as a child.  In 2010, she moved to New York City.  Inspired by the movement of street art, she decided to introduce her work by using the city walls as her gallery, as many of the artists were, and she quickly became recognized for her signature heels in gum.  “Gumshoe” murals began popping up all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.  These murals organically began serving as backdrops for photographs by tourists, locals and even celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Perez Hilton; and this popularity has pushed China’s Fine art to become a sought after commodity as well.  Her work is now exhibited in galleries across the United States, popular hotels like Mondrian (New York) and Shore Club (Miami) and prestigious art fairs such as Art Basel Miami and Scope New York.  2016 has served China with two solo shows in Manhattan, most recently her solo exhibition “Exposed” at the Lower East Side Gallery, Castle Fitzjohns.  Upcoming exhibitions include Aqua Art Fair and Spectrum Art Fair, at Art Basel Miami 2017.

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