“Riding The Sun” 2015

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BlinkGroup Gallery is proud to be representing rising street artist Kazilla in her newest exhibition “RIDING THE SUN” at the Wynwood Exhibition Center in Cafeina. Kazilla brings amazing sophistication to the table when it comes to her skillfully executed artwork. An unexpected and fast paced dart to the stars. “RIDING THE SUN”, displays a retrospective in light/color/nature/beauty. Looking back on the power of creation while moving forward in the path of destruction. Join us for the grand opening Thursday FEB 13th from 7-9p.


Kazilla’s work speaks of dreams versus reality. Each finely rendered piece encompasses a different message to all who gaze upon their elegant beauty.

These visually eloquent pieces of work are to be admired for their craft, and imagery. Harmonic relationships between people and nature are successfully achieved through an abundance of symbolism, a flourish of colors, and a visual language or energy extended through every piece.

Please join us for an amazing, unique opportunity to witness a clash of fierceness and beauty.

Kazilla’s exhibition is partnered with Blink Group,(A marketing firm for visual artists).

Hosted and curated by Elizabeth Reyes, Founder of BlinkGroup and Alexandra Novaro,
co-founder of BlinkGroup

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