Art Sales Representation

Through our art sales representation services, we offer a variety of tactics to help artists sell their art.

• Through existing contacts and networks, as well as developing new ones, BlinkGroup will provide you with sales opportunities. We will assist you by marketing your work to potential art buyers and intermediaries; both individually and collectively.

• We will inform you of all upcoming events to help you become more aware of the “art scene”.  Participation will help you with obtaining name recognition, and guiding you through the process.

• Our service includes featuring your art on our website and sales cart, when available (with monthly maintenance and updates of all your newest work; prices and sales included.)

• Your art will be in our newsletter. This will announce you (to our audience) as one of BlinkGroup’s newest artists, and feature your latest works.

• We will facilitate client communication with regards to proper presentation and / or design ideas to insure complete satisfaction and future sales.